A better way to manage projects

cProject is a web-based productivity application for the construction industry. Our revolutionary software eliminates workflow inefficiencies, improves your quality, and keeps you organized. General Contractors and Specialty Contractors will benefit from our easy to use software. Start using cProject today and you will never go back to managing projects the old way.

  • Improve Productivity:

    Record and track project RFI’s, Submittals, Change Orders, and more. External parties (GC, Sub, Architect, Engineer, etc.) can view and respond to project communication (RFI’s, Submittals, etc.) directly on cProject.
  • Share Documents:

    Easily upload, store, and share bid/project documents.
  • Increase Quality Control:

    Tasks can’t get forgotten when tracked on cProject.
  • Stay Informed:

    Improve teamwork with centralized project communication
  • Get Organized:

    All bid and project documents are recorded and organized on cProject

Project Collaboration

  • Invite Users: Invite other users to collaborate on your project or bid
  • Integrated Project Tools: All project interaction is performed and recorded on cProject. All project participants (GC, Sub, Architect, Engineer, Owner) can respond to communication directly on cProject
  • cProject Wall: Post messages and have conversations related to the project or a specific task
  • Centralized Communication: All project related items are tracked on your secure project platform

Bid Management

  • Organize and Share Documents: Store, organize and share drawings, specifications, and other project/bid documents
  • Invite Subcontractors: Invited contacts can download documents, send RFI's, and post messages related to the bid
  • Integrated Bid Tools: New RFI’s are automatically added to your RFI Log and your replies are shared with the appropriate users. Record and notify bidders of any bid addendums
  • Post Addendums: Record and notify bidders of any changes to the bid

Contact Management

  • Organize Contacts: Store contacts online and share internally
  • Standardized PQF's: Detailed subcontractor pre-qualification platform ensures that only safe and reputable companies are involved on your projects
  • Search for Qualified Subs: Need more bidders on a project? General Contractors or Owners can search cProject for subcontractors by CSI Code, location, safety records, and more.